Preparing Your Hotel for Memorial Day Weekend

Is Your Hotel Ready for Memorial Day Weekend?

Memorial Day is approaching. To many, Memorial Day weekend is a time to vacation and travel with family and friends. Many families, couples, and friends travel to a new place, staying at nice resorts, hotels, or motels. If you’re a hotel owner or work with hospitality management, preparation for this influx of guests is essential. Allocating time to properly plan for holiday weekends such as Memorial Day weekend ensures that you will be properly equipped to provide a quality experience for your guests

Here are some ways to prepare your hotel for Memorial Day weekend:

–  Make sure all room availabilities are accurately booked. Take the time to double check reservations with confirmations and availability. This will help ensure that your hotel is not overbooked. In addition, it will help you predict if your hotel will be under-booked.

–  Depending on your vacancy, you may have the opportunity to offer different promotions and packages ahead of time to fill up your rooms. For example, some hotels, motels, and resorts offer extended multi-day packages, where guests can save more by staying for more days. In this case, you’ll have the opportunity to have guests stay past the weekend.

–  Most importantly, ensure you’re stocked up with the proper quality hotel towels and linens. Save time and money by hiring a quality hotel linen service. This will relieve some of the extra work requirement from your housekeeping team while ensuring your hotel is ready for any important weekend.

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