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Benefits of Using Cloth Towels

Cloth towels offer many benefits for your business. Whether they’re drying hands, keeping a table top neat, or keeping a gym clean, cloth towels are ready for anything. They’re comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly, convenient, and thorough. 

Here are the benefits of using cloth towels:

Cloth Towels Are Comfortable and Thorough

Cloth towels offer the most comfort on employee and customer hands. Quality cloth towels will be plush, soft, and easy on the hands using them. Not only are quality cloth towels nice to use, but they also do a great job of cleaning, regardless of the task. Minor spill? No problem. Water spilled on carpet? Make way, a quality cloth towel will take care of it. 

With these engineered, highly-absorbent fibers in your janitorial arsenal, no mess can escape. 

Cloth Towels Are Stylish, Easy, and Ecologically Friendly

If you go into a high-end restaurant, you probably won’t find air-dryers or paper towels. What you will find are quality cloth towels, and for good reason. Cloth towels not only consume no energy to use, but they also make no noise and are easily managed until picked up. Moreover, there’s no mess to contend with when customers get careless. Unlike paper, cloth towels don’t deteriorate or stick to walls/ceilings when wet. 

Because they don’t consume electricity and are reusable, cloth towels are one of the most ecologically friendly forms of drying. This reusable factor is increased with higher-quality towels as they stay usable for longer. Manufacturing a towel takes a considerable amount of resources and raw materials. High-quality materials and superior construction make for longer-lasting towels. 

Best Foot Forward

A cloth towel can influence a customer’s experience in your business. For this reason, businesses should only use high-quality cloth towels that are professionally cared for. Without quality or professional customer service, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. A reputable linen provider like Ideal Linen has the inventory, resources, and knowledge to ensure premium quality. 


Though one of the older forms of commercial hand-drying, cloth towels remain a convenient choice for any business’s restroom. With a hamper for the used ones, keeping the bathroom clean and stocked is a breeze. 

When messes strike, nothing’s easier than grabbing a towel. More resilient than paper towels, more flexible and cleaner than a mop, quality cloth towels are a pleasant work horse. 

Not only are they nice to work with, but they’re always in reach. With easy folding and compactibility, there are no cleaning tools more convenient than cloth towels. 

Ideal Linen and Uniform is Your Quality Cloth Towel Supplier

Though they’re tough enough to be used, dried, and used again, you’ll never have to. With a professional and quality supplier of your businesses cloth towels, the last thing you’ll worry about is having enough. At Ideal Linen and Uniform, we know how important being properly stocked is to a profitable day at work. As such, we do everything in our power to ensure you’re never without the exact supplies you need. 

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