Are you still letting your employees wash their own scrubs?


Is the cost of maintaining your on-site laundry facility weighing you down? It’s time to make a change in the way you do your scrubs! Manage your employees’ scrubs more easily and efficiently with Ideal Linen. We offer a variety of options for different medical professionals, including:

  •         Doctors
  •         Nurses
  •         Medical Assistants
  •         Medical Technologists
  •         Dentistry Professionals
  •         Veterinarians
  •         Other Professionals

Our scrubs come in different colors, sizes, and styles, all designed to work with your team’s most demanding shifts. We have handpicked each scrub in our catalogue to combine practicality, comfort, durability, and ease of movement to help your healthcare professionals endure those long, challenging hours with utmost convenience and comfort. Our uniforms can be fully customized to accommodate your institution’s name, logo and company colors.

Convenience, Quality, and Hygiene in One Excellent Bundle

Ideal Linen understands your need for convenience, quality and hygiene. Not only do we make sure that all the scrubs that we offer are of topnotch quality, but we also use the best technology and the highest standards in handling and treating your scrubs to ensure that your products are cleaned thoroughly and according to industry standards.

We also make sure that every delivery is done efficiently, on-time, and with no inconvenience to you or your employees whatsoever. We have designed our pickup and delivery system with your needs in mind: we do it quickly, safely, in sanitary conditions, and with utmost consideration for your time.

Ideal Connect Tracking System

On top of making sure that pickup, delivery, and the laundry process meet your needs, we also make sure that you are on top of your inventory using our state-of-the-art tracking system. Our Ideal Connect Tracking System keeps every single one of your scrubs accounted for every step of the way – from pickup to damage checks right down to delivery. Using this technology, you can say goodbye forever to surprise fees and hidden costs and minimize losses and damages to your scrubs.  

Ideal Linen is your best solution for all your medical uniform needs. Make that switch now and experience results that make a difference in the way you do scrubs! Talk to us today – call 800-658-4047 and get started!

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