What’s a restaurant without aprons? Get yours from the most trusted name in restaurant linen service and supply: Ideal Linen! We have a wide range of aprons to choose from, suited for restaurants of all kinds and sizes!


+ Made of high-quality fabrics suited to meet the demands of the restaurant industry

+ Available in a variety of colors

+ Customization options available to boost branding efforts

+ Different styles to choose from to match your restaurant’s needs

+ Maintained using cutting-edge laundry and garment care technology for excellent upkeep and optimum presentability

+ Tracked using Ideal’s specialized tracking technology for ease in inventory and minimizing losses

Aprons for All Occasions

When it comes to aprons, function definitely precedes form. But this does not mean you can simply settle for low-class, unattractive aprons for your restaurant. Increase the appeal of your restaurant apparel without jeopardizing function with Ideal Linen’s apron selection!

Every item in our aprons catalog is designed for the busy restaurant – whether it’s a busy mom-and-pop truck stop, an elite bistro uptown, or your neighborhood favorite food truck. Our aprons come in a variety of styles and colors, but they all come in the signature quality that Ideal is known for.

Our aprons are champions in durability, engineered to withstand long shifts, nasty kitchen stains, and constant trips through industrial washing machines. With Ideal, you are assured of linens that are not only clean but also functional and durable to give you every bit of your money’s worth – and more!

The Ideal Brand of Excellence

Ideal Linen would not have stayed at the top of its game for over 100 years if it were not for our unmatched dedication to excellence and continued improvement. We have made sure that every aspect of our restaurant linen service is in-tune with the unique needs of the restaurant industry. No item is ever too small or unimportant as Ideal puts its best effort into the care and maintenance of our garments and linens.

Ideal treats the simplest of aprons to topnotch quality care, making sure that each item is washed and treated according to the highest safety and cleanliness standards designated for the food industry. Each apron is also carefully labeled and entered into our Ideal Connect Tracking System to make sure that inventories, billing, and invoices are accurate, easy-to-follow, and up-to-date.

Ideal Linen does not discriminate with the size of your business. Your needs – no matter how big or small, no matter how complex or simple – are important to us and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience the difference that has put Ideal Linen on the map – contact us at 800-658-4047 to order your first batch of Ideal aprons or to learn more about our other services! What are you waiting for? Call us today!

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