Napkin Rental Service

Napkin Rental Service

Out of all of the restaurant linens you need, napkins are the ones that your customers are interacting with the most. That’s why it’s imperative that your restaurant napkins look great and also absorb liquids effectively. Because, if they don’t, your customers are likely to notice.

Our premium napkins are available in a variety of materials and colors so you can find exactly what you need for your restaurant. They’re durable, stylish and soft to the touch.

Available Colors

  • GOLD
  • RED

Versatile and Reliable Napkin Rental Service

Linen napkins signal to your customers that your restaurant has standards. But we understand that having linen napkins on hand at all times can be a little difficult. If you have even 100 restaurant customers per day, you’re probably laundering 100 napkins or even more if your customers request extra. All of that laundry adds up, and with a restaurant to run, your focus is on the food, not the laundry.

The best way to handle your napkin inventory is to let someone else handle it for you! At Ideal Linen, we don’t just offer napkin rentals. We pick up and launder your napkins for you, replacing and repairing napkins that are damaged or worn out so you don’t have to worry about reordering. Plus, when you work with a reliable restaurant linen rental service, adjusting your inventory is a breeze! Just let us know and we take care of everything.

Our Napkin Rental Service is Ideal for All Business

Stop the endless online searches and research and just work with a restaurant linen rental company that knows what they’re doing: work with Ideal Linen & Uniform! Our restaurant textile experts can help you craft a program that meets your needs. In addition to napkin rental service, we offer a wide variety of linens and products for the restaurant industry, from kitchen towels to chef uniforms to floor mats. Contact us today to learn more!

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