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Should You Buy Uniforms or Get a Rental Uniform Service?

  • February 01, 2019
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It’s a question that has consistently hounded business managers and employees alike: should you buy your own uniforms or would turning to a rental uniform service be the better option for you?

The best way to address this quandary is to take an in-depth, side-by-side look at each option’s merits in areas where they truly matter.

Uniform Purchase vs. Rental Uniform Service

When it comes to the procurement of work uniforms, the three most important aspects to consider are cost, maintenance, and quality.


Buying: Purchasing uniforms means upfront costs that, considering that you’re going to need more than one set, could be quite steep.

Renting: Rental uniform service means fewer upfront costs.


Buying: Buying uniforms means that you will have to wash and care for the uniforms yourself, using whatever resources you have (or investing in larger-capacity laundry equipment, should you decide to take care of your employees’ uniforms in-house). This, of course, means long-term cost on top of the initial cost of purchase in the form of water and electricity usage (and additional hires for in-house management of laundering).

Renting: Regular maintenance is included at no additional cost to the renter, courtesy of the rental uniform service provider’s facilities. Repairs and replacements of damaged uniforms are also covered in the rental service.


Buying: Higher-quality uniforms plus customization services cost quite a hefty sum, save for discounts that can usually be availed of for bulk or corporate purchases.

Renting: Higher-quality uniforms are more easily accessible, in terms of price, since there is no need for the large upfront costs of buying.

What to Expect When You Rent Your Work Uniforms

Perhaps the biggest difference that you can get from a rental uniform service versus buying is the long-term commitment involved. Here’s what to expect and prepare for.

Invoice. When you rent your work uniforms, the invoices will come regularly and may include costs for unexpected replacements or repairs for damages. It is of utmost importance to work with a company with a reputation for honesty so you don’t get inundated with hidden fees and unnecessary additional costs.

Contracts. Different companies offer different terms and lengths in contracts. Make sure that everything stipulated in the contract that you enter into with your rental uniform service company of choice is agreeable to you in every way.

Delivery and pick-up. One of the best aspects of having someone else take care of your uniform’s maintenance can also be the trickiest: delivery and pick-up schedule. It is important to work with a company that personalizes its services, where you get a consultation that helps you determine the best schedule for your uniform service.

Repairs and Replacements. Uniform losses are some of the worst costs in uniform rental service. Keeping track of your usage through automated tracking systems like RFID chips embedded into your garments helps in ensuring that you don’t lose items and/or get billed unnecessarily.

The success of your rental uniform service rests in the hands of the choice you make. For superior products and expert professional service, turn to a company that has the experience, the facilities, and the skilled industry experts to bring you the service you need in the quality that you most deserve: Ideal Linen and Uniform.

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