Ice Melt Product Deal

Don’t let winter slow your business down! With our Deep Thaw High Performance Snow & Ice Melter, your problems will literally melt away.

$9.80 per bag (50 lbs)
$9.50 per bag if a pallet is purchased (49 bags/pallet)




Our Deep Thaw High Performance Snow & Ice Melter is fast-acting and easy to apply. 100% water soluble, it melts down to -27 degrees Fahrenheit and melts faster than other similar products.

It’s safe for walkways, driveways, steps and parking lots and won’t damage lawns, trees or shrubs. You won’t need gloves, because this product is safe to handle with your hands. Also, it’s odorless and leaves no residue.


You can finally say goodbye to that shovel.

To purchase, fill out our contact form or call us at 800-658-4047.

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