4 Reasons to Trust a Family-Owned Business

  • February 01, 2018
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The U.S. economy is largely dominated by the family-owned business. In fact, 64 percent of the country’s gross domestic product comes from family-run enterprises, and a third of the top businesses in the country listed in Fortune 500 are family-owned and -operated, including the household name Walmart, which also ranks among the world’s biggest family-run brands.

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office cleaning supplies checklist

Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Whether you are in charge of a restaurant, hotel, store, or small office, cleanliness is always a prevalent issue. A dirty, cluttered establishment puts the health of both your customers and your employees at stake, and even impacts your business’ productivity.

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ultimate professional gift guide

The Complete 2017 Employee Gift Guide

As if buying holiday gifts for your family and friends isn’t difficult enough, many business owners also have to think about gifts for their clients, colleagues, and employees. Striking the right balance between personalization, professionalism, and the price isn’t easy. With Ideal Linen’s four themed gift collections, you’ll be able to find something that fits […]

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Benefits of Renting Restaurant Linen vs Buying Restaurant Linen by Ideal Linen

Restaurant Linen Rental: To Rent Or Not To Rent?

To rent or not to rent? This is an age-old question that has hounded many a restaurant owner. What good, after all, could the “additional costs” of hiring a third party company for your linens do for your restaurant? We have listed the ways: 1. Topnotch cleaning Cleanliness is something that you can never compromise […]

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Preparing Your Hotel for Memorial Day Weekend

Is Your Hotel Ready for Memorial Day Weekend? Memorial Day is approaching. To many, Memorial Day weekend is a time to vacation and travel with family and friends. Many families, couples, and friends travel to a new place, staying at nice resorts, hotels, or motels. If you’re a hotel owner or work with hospitality management, […]

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