office cleaning supplies checklist

Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Whether you are in charge of a restaurant, hotel, store, or small office, cleanliness is always a prevalent issue. A dirty, cluttered establishment puts the health of both your customers and your employees at stake, and even impacts your business’ productivity.

When employees are constantly rummaging through stacks of papers, plugging their noses to shut out nasty odors, and incessently calling out sick, you know you have a problem. A clean space isn’t just a sight for sore eyes; it is a reflection of how profitable your business will be.

To make your office as prolific as possible and keep your customers coming back, you need to make sure you have the correct and sufficient amount of cleaning supplies as well as a cleaning plan. Here is our office cleaning supplies checklist:


✔ Bath tissue

✔ Hand soap

✔ Hand soap dispenser

✔ Hand towels

✔ Toilet brush

✔ Air freshening systems



✔ Floor matting/custom logo mats

✔ Floor care chemicals

✔ Floor finishing products

✔ Mops


Cleaning Supplies

✔ Cleaning chemicals/disinfectant products

✔ Disinfecting wipes

✔ Industrial cleaning equipment


Other Supplies

✔ Aprons

✔ Cleaner bottle filler

✔ Trash can liners

✔ Microfiber products

✔ Paper products

✔ Towels


Restaurant-Specific Supplies

✔ Dispenser napkins

✔ Disposable food service items

✔ Multipurpose dispenser (wash, rinse, sanitize)


At Ideal Linen & Uniform, we offer all the office cleaning supplies you could ever need, from mops to soap to dispensers. As a full-service janitorial supply provider, we can save you time and money on your office cleaning supplies checklist. We’ll keep you fully stocked, so you can focus fully on the core of your business. 

Contact us today at 800-658-4847 to learn more about our quality office cleaning supplies. Keep your business clean and efficient with Ideal Linen & Uniform!

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