How Much Should Towels Really Cost Your Hotel?

Every year, hotel owners end up finding out that they are paying way too much for their towels. Towels are simple products. However they are a necessity for hotels and hospitality businesses, and they can end up being highly expensive. There are many factors that can affect the price you are currently paying. Fortunately, some of these can be altered in order to save your hotel’s bottom line.

Low-quality Towels – It is important to rent/purchase towels which are high quality and durable for extended use & washing. However, sometimes hotel owners rent/purchase the lowest quality options, which tend to be costly for the business. Low-quality towels are just not economic for a demanding hotel. Since they easily run ragged, they need to be replaced at a fast. It is better to simply rent/purchase higher grade items that way the business can keep them for longer periods of time before swapping them out.

Brand Names – Sometimes hotel owners spend more simply to have a brand name. Conducting further research is important when looking for towels, because sometimes a brand name towel may not necessarily end up being high-quality.

Renting vs. Buying – Buying instead of renting through a service ends up being more expensive in the long run. By purchasing the towels, hiring staff and purchasing machinery to launder these items, the cost of maintenance can skyrocket. Therefore, simply leaving it to the rental experts is recommended. By hiring a rental service, you pay a fee every month for the service to swap out your old inventory with a fresh new supply, and it ends up being cheaper.

Choose Ideal Linen For Your Towels

Although towels are quite important for a hotel or hospitality  business, it should not be too pricey. Through some research and correct decisions, you can end up paying low amounts for your towel needs. Contact Ideal Linen and we can help provide you with our high-quality towel service for your business!

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