The Many Uses of Coveralls

  • November 01, 2019
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When most people see basic coveralls on a person, they assume one thing: mechanic. While that’s undoubtedly true in some cases, the uses of coveralls expand across many industries. 

Here are some other industries that use coveralls to great effect:


Paint covers everything. No matter where you go, you can find a painting or a painted surface. At some point, somebody rolled up their sleeves and went to work. If they were interested in protecting their clothing and skin, you can bet they were wearing coveralls. 


The high seas are a dangerous place. Add in the presence of heavy metal traps, spears, hooks, and sun exposure, and you need all the help you can get. Coveralls offer protection not just from the sun, but also from water and hook perforation. 


Factories are dangerous places with thousands of pounds of machines working and churning. You can’t predict when something will fail and sparks, flames, oil, or acids will jump onto factory employees. Having quality coveralls could be the difference between a hasty undressing and a laugh or a trip to the emergency room. 


When people think of ranchers they think of blue jeans and cowboy hats. That might be true of the herding crew, but farm hands need protective clothing to insulate and protect their own clothes. Generally, jean overalls are most associated with this kind of work, but coveralls are increasingly used for fuller coverage.

Road Workers

Few jobs are as dangerous as road work. Traffic, heat, sun, bugs, darkness, low-visibility, hazardous materials and machinery, dust, and rushed deadlines make for some hairy situations. A high-visibility coverall can make all the difference for a few reasons.

With enhanced visibility, poor light conditions are made less dangerous. Workers are seen more easily by passing vehicles and on-site operators. Coveralls protect from sun, bugs, and other environmental hazards. 


Originally, the coverall in aviation was a means of protecting pilots from the extreme cold of the upper atmosphere. As planes became more sophisticated and insulated, their primary use shifted to fire protection. Though you won’t see many commercial airline pilots in coveralls, you’ll see plenty of military use.

Why Rent Your Coveralls? 

The urge towards ownership is understandable. Once you pay the full price, they’re yours forever. Never another fee, and nobody can take them from you. 

Unfortunately the story of ownership doesn’t end there. If you’re buying uniforms for your whole crew, that’s dozens of uniforms that high-quality versions of will cost dearly. Then, you’ve got to maintain them. You have to wash them, repair them, and constantly monitor for damage. It’s a lot of work to put on your or your employees’ shoulders. 

Before you know it, your pristine, beautiful coveralls are frayed and dirty. Your crew starts to look more ragtag with every passing day. Not long after, you’re paying for new ones again. 

Ideal Linen and Uniform is Your Uniform Management Answer

If you rent from Ideal Linen and Uniform, you won’t have to worry about dirtiness, damage, or your materials getting old. When those things do happen, Ideal swaps them out fresh. 

We’re looking out for you so you can keep your eyes on what’s important. Let us handle the uniform side of things. Call us at 800-658-4047 and we’ll get you set up! Ask about a free quote for services!

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