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How to Make Your Restrooms Environmentally Friendly

Restrooms are one of the more environmentally damaging parts of any business. It’s there that a great deal of water, electricity, and chemical supplies are used to keep things running and clean. Anything that can be done to make restrooms more environmentally friendly should be considered. Thankfully, Ideal Linen and Uniform has the restroom supplies to make it happen. 

Green Restroom Modifications

Modifying your restroom’s utilities is a good way to make your bathroom more green Some cost-effective modifications include led-light installation, motion-sensor lighting, and basic water-use reduction techniques. If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, here are some intensive green possibilities:

Eco-Minded, Automatic Toilets

One of the biggest users of water is the toilet. With nearly three gallons going down the drain with every flush, an outdated toilet’s costs can add up. Newer toilets get by with as little as 1.5 gallons per flush. 

Month-to-month, it’s just a few extra dollars, but over time, those extra few add up fast. Especially if you run a busy business that handles a large volume of customers and employees. 

Flush-Less Urinals

If water conservation is your goal, there’s no greater tool than a waterless urinal. While urinals do conserve a little more water than toilet use does, waterless urinals use none! 

Automatic Hand Washing Stations

An almost necessary compliment to automatic toilets are automatic hand washing stations. Not only does the touchless qualities make a trip to the bathroom more sanitary, but it also eliminates water waste. Say goodbye to careless hand washers leaving the tap running. Not even the most oblivious can outwit automated hand washing stations. 

Green Restroom Supplies

Most restaurants don’t have the resources to redo the utilities of their bathrooms. Recycled paper, refillable cleaning supplies, and other materials can help make your bathroom green. Not only are these modifications inexpensive, but they are easy to manage! Especially when you’re getting them through a reliable provider like Ideal Linen and Uniform. 

Recycled Paper Products

We have a wide selection of napkins, hand towels, bathroom tissue, and towel rolls made from recycled material. Both natural and whited recycled paper products are available. These soft, absorbent, and eco-friendly additions to your current dispensers are an easy and cost-effective switch. 

High-Quality Soaps

Ideal Linen and Uniform’s supply of hand soap is second to none. Because our hand soaps are high-quality and foaming, your employees and guests get full coverage in a single pump. That means less pumping, and less need for replacing. 

Whether you go with a mild foaming soap or the crowd-pleasing cranberry ice, you’ll reflect upon your soap choice fondly. 

Bottle Fillers

Nothing is more sustainable than reuse. Don’t buy the same plastic bottle endlessly. Because plastic never really goes away once it’s in the environment, keeping as many away from it is paramount. Our Green Solutions Bottle Filler, Clean By Peroxy Bottle Filler, and Clean On The Go Versafill 2 are excellent alternatives to endless discarding. 

Ideal Linen and Uniform is Your Environmentally-Friendly Bathroom Supplier

If you’re ready to make your bathroom smell better, look better, and be better for the environment, then give Ideal Linen and Uniform a call at (800) 658-4047. You can also visit our website or start with a free quote!


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