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How to Deal with Hotel Laundry Breakdowns

If you run your own hotel laundry, your machines are likely to break down at some point. Maybe they already have. Washing machines breaking down is one of the biggest challenges the hospitality industry faces when it comes to maintaining a consistent laundry system.

You have new guests coming in and out every day and they need clean sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, washcloths and bath mats. You can’t leave dirty linens in your guest rooms. It’s just not acceptable.

So, what are your options when your hotel laundry breaks down? Spoiler alert – the outlook is bleak.

Prepare to Be Without Machines for a While

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Positive thinking never hurt anyone, but let’s be realistic. Industrial laundry equipment is highly specialized. It’s no domestic laundry machine. It may not be a quick fix. As a commercial laundry facility, we understand that better than anyone! We have rooms and rooms full of specialized laundry equipment. The difference is, we have the time and money to be able to focus resources on maintenance and training so we know exactly what to do if something goes wrong with one of our machines. You may not necessarily have those same resources.

Short-Term Outsourcing Isn’t Feasible

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Your first instinct might be to call around to see if a commercial laundry facility can handle your laundry volume for a few weeks while you get your machines fixed. Let’s save you some time: your chances of finding a laundry willing to take on the task are very, very, very slim. Most commercial laundries simply don’t accept short-term contracts. It’s not worth the effort for them to take on an entire hotel laundry for only a few weeks.

So What Do I Do?

The best strategies are preventative.

Your first and best option is to avoid having to deal with this problem altogether by working with a reputable commercial laundry service like Ideal Linen and Uniform. We provide reliable hospitality linen services throughout Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas.

We know how difficult running a full-scale laundry operation can be, because we do it every day. The difference is, we have the time and experience to be able to focus all of our efforts on one goal: that you get the linens you need for your hotel every single week.

If you do choose to continue running your own laundry, don’t skip when it comes to your equipment. Low-quality or ancient equipment means that you’re going to run a higher risk of breaking down. Invest in regular maintenance and identify skilled maintenance workers who have worked with this specialized equipment before. That way, if you do experience technical issues, you know exactly who to call. Also, make sure your staff is trained to use the equipment properly and to spot potential issues.

Want to learn more about how we can help you with a reliable linen service for your hospitality facility? We take the burden of worrying about hotel laundry failures off of your shoulders. Get in touch with us today!

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