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5 Reasons That Employee Uniforms Matter

  • June 10, 2019
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In the day and age of the alternative, flexible-hour working, hot-desking workplace of this generation, is there still room for the good ol’ traditional work uniform? It may come as a surprise for you, but yes – and we’re giving you five reasons that employee uniforms matter and why your business needs them.

Why Employee Uniforms are Still Relevant

Can’t decide whether your employees need uniforms? We’re giving you five reasons that will have you convinced that your business does need employee uniforms.

1. Branding and Marketing

The people who work for you not only work for your business, they also work as your brand – and they need the right look to play the part. Even the most established names in business have a signature “look” associated with them. You need to create a look that you’ll be remembered for and will influence customer perception.

2. Establishing Credibility

There have been multiple studies done on the correlation of uniforms and customer perception, particularly those related to credibility and performance. For instance, a study done on hospitality employee uniforms and how customers perceive them shows that customers do have a more positive reception and assessment of hotel employees wearing more formal uniforms than those who wear more casual garments for work. And that’s the kind of image you’d want for your employees – and consequently, your brand – to be associated with. While this does not diminish the need to establish actual rapport and organic engagements for employees to be truly credible, uniforms will help create the picture to match the expectation.

3. Establishing Identity Towards Your Brand

Uniforms help create a collective identity for an organization. Not only do uniforms allow your employees to represent your brand, but it also makes it easier for them to identify with your company. This, and the fact that uniforms affect employee satisfaction, makes it important to not only implement work uniforms but make the right choice about your company’s uniforms.  

4. Equality Across the Organization

Appearance and clothing, whether we admit it or not, have the power to give a person an unfair advantage. Implementing a company uniform eliminates this unfair advantage by giving everyone an equal footing within the company. On top of that, having a prescribed company uniform saves you from the complexities of a corporate dress code and sexism.  

5. Wearer Protection

Aside from the obvious aesthetic value of uniforms, they are foremost of all functional garments. And one of their primary functions is to provide protection for the wearer against any stain or injury hazard that abounds in the workplace. This is where the quality of the uniforms you choose matters most.

Your Choice of Employee Uniforms Matters More

If there’s one thing more important than deciding on having uniforms for your company, it has to be your choice of uniform service supplier! This is the deciding factor that will separate a good investment from a total bust – you’ll need a uniform service partner that has the experience, the experts, and the facility to deliver the quality of service and product selection that your business needs!  

Interested in getting this kind of uniform service? Contact Ideal Linen and Uniform today! Call 800-658-4047 to get in touch with our in-house experts or request a quote for the service you’re interested in!

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