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Dry Cleaning vs. Linen Service: Which One is Best?

Whether you’re a small, independently-owned business or a larger, corporate organization, you utilize linens and uniforms.

From standard employee uniforms to towels and floor mats and more, there are textiles your business uses every day that have to be laundered on a consistent basis. But what’s the best way to go about this time-consuming chore?

Here at Ideal Linen and Uniform, we’ve had over a century of experience in the textile industry. We’ve seen customers who have tried it all before deciding to work with us, so we know that you want your laundry done as effectively as possible.

But when faced with the choice of dry cleaning or choosing a linen service, what’s the difference? And, most importantly, which one will save you the most time and money?

Here are some key differences between dry cleaning and utilizing a linen service:

Dry Cleaning

Contrary to its name, dry cleaning isn’t “dry.” Rather, instead of being soaked in water, clothing and textiles are washed with a chemical solvent. Perchloroethylene (PERC) is the chemical used by about 85% of U.S. dry cleaners. Studies show that PERC has some negative health effects, so many dry cleaners are trying alternative solvents.

The process of getting textiles dry cleaned is simple. You gather the dirty textiles, bring them to the dry cleaner, and pick them up once they are cleaned and pressed. The cycle then repeats.

Linen Service

A linen service company provides linen and uniform rental of commonly-used items on a regularly scheduled basis. You rent the textiles you need, and the company picks them up, launders them, and delivers them back to you.

Linen services are convenient as you don’t have to leave your building to ensure your textiles get laundered properly.


Both services are effective. Dry cleaning was first patented in 1821 and linen services have been around nearly as long. However, with many dry cleaners, you are responsible for dropping off and picking up your textiles.

When you work with a linen service, they have team members dedicated to the drop-off and pick-up of your textiles. This service gives you more time to focus on what matters most – your business.

In terms of cost, it can vary based on how many textiles you need washed and how regularly. While dry cleaning may sound like a cheaper option, you have to pay each time you bring your textiles in. With a linen service, you set up a contract where you pay on a schedule while they do all the labor for you.

Dry Cleaning or Linen Service? Ideal Linen and Uniform Has it All!

While dry cleaning and linen services are different, the goal is the same: to get your laundry as clean as possible. And, no matter what you choose, Ideal Linen and Uniform has you covered!

We offer linen and uniform services as well as dry cleaning. We’re proud to serve a variety of industries in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas. Since 1907, we’ve been local and family-owned-and operated.

It is this dedication to our community that sets us apart from the rest! Contact us today for a free quote at 800-658-4047.

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