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How to Dress Up Your Restaurant for Fall

  • October 01, 2019
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The leaves are changing and the temperatures have dropped. Fall has come, and it beckons you to redecorate your restaurant in its most wonderful colors.

We’ve got easy fall restaurant tips on how to dress your establishment for the season!

Redecorating your dining rooms for fall doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are some simple tips for how to bring the cool, crisp season into your restaurant’s interiors.

Classic Fall Foliage

When it comes to dressing up your restaurant for the fall, Mother Nature is wonderful inspiration. Fall is a great season to explore a more rustic look for your restaurant. The oranges and yellows of fallen leaves can be displayed as décor in the form of wreaths, garlands, or even pressed-leaf coasters.

You can also go for a more minimalistic approach by incorporating classic fall hues into your tablecloths and napkins. You can also dress up your mantels and tables with centerpieces that feature gourds, straw stalks, dried foliage or the season’s favorite flower: sunflowers.

Fall for the Senses

Why stop with making your restaurant look like fall when you can make it smell like the season too? Delight your diners with the many wonderful aromas of fall through pomanders, scented candles, and potpourris that you can incorporate into your window and table decor.

Classic scents associated with the season are cinnamon, orange, cloves, and apples. Use natural scent sources like spices, herbs and fruit peels. Synthetic ones might come off too strong, artificial, and overpowering. 

The Many Colors of Fall

Fall is more than just one hundred shades of orange, yellow and brown. Explore the many different colors of the season like burgundy, olive green, purple and beige and mix-and-match them with unexpected hues like gold and silver. Accentuate the main fall colors on your table linens and napkins with  color on your candles, napkin rings, placemats, and tablecloths. You can also display classic fall décor elements like gourds and leaves painted silver or gold, maybe even white to create beautiful contrasts.

Make Your Dining Tables Cozy

When people think of fall, they imagine crackling campfires, cups of warm cider, handknit cardigans, and tartan blankets. Incorporating the right colors into your arrangement can generate a “cozy” atmosphere that will both impress and comfort your patrons. With softer textures, knitted decors, blankets, and throws on your restaurant furniture, you’ll usher in the season in style!

Ideal Linen and Uniform is Here to Help You Usher in the Season

No matter how you choose to decorate your restaurant for fall, you can’t go wrong working with the linen experts at Ideal Linen and Uniform. We’re here to make your job easier by supplying you with the linens your restaurant needs for success. With fair pricing and convenient pick up and delivery services, you’ll feel as relaxed as your customers are in your cozy restaurant. 

For warm and clean fall linens, professional uniforms, dust control products, restroom services, and more, contact Ideal Linen and Uniform today at 800-658-4047. Or, drop us a line here for a free quote!

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