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Do Your Disposable Gloves Fit Your Business Like A Glove?

If you work in the food service, salon, automotive, healthcare, industrial or janitorial industry, then you know the importance of protection. Both protecting your employees from potential dangers and your products from potential contamination should be top priorities in your business space.

One simple solution to some of the hazards posed in your business is to invest in disposable gloves. But what types of disposable gloves are best for your industry and where can you get them?

The Ideal Glove Program

At Ideal Linen and Uniform, we help businesses every day with their linen, uniform and safety product needs. Since 1907, we have strived to make a difference in the lives of managers and business owners by simplifying their task list. Instead of worrying about where to purchase your gloves, having to consistently purchase them to make sure you have enough in stock and what to do with your gloves when finished with them, at Ideal Linen we take care of all those steps for you.

Gloves Delivered to You!

We have high-quality products on hand to deliver to you on your schedule, when you need them and on a consistent basis. No need to worry about wondering where your supply is or having to constantly keep extras in storage just in case your shipment gets lost. By working with a high-quality disposable glove program, you’ll always have what you need.

Save Storage Space and Time

Not only does a disposable glove program bring ease to your schedule, but it frees up space in your establishment so that you are not accumulating clutter or items that you do not need immediately. This gives you more room to store other items that may be more important. Don’t stress over the little things when you can get your disposable gloves from Ideal!

We offer:

Poly Disposable Gloves

These loose-fitting gloves are best suited for short-term tasks. Their fit makes it easy to quickly change from glove to glove. They are in compliance with food contact requirements.

Best For: Food Service

Nitrile Disposable Gloves (Black), 6 mil

These exam-grade gloves are great for use in a variety of industries. These have a better textured grip as opposed to poly disposable gloves. Black is a great contrast between an individual’s hand and the material they are working with, making potential dangers more visible and in turn improving the individual’s safety.

Best For: Food Service, Medical, Automotive, Safety, Cleaning, Industrial

Nitrile Disposable Gloves (Blue), 4 mil

These powder-free gloves are exam-grade and similar to black nitrile disposable gloves, have a variety of uses in different industries and have an improved textured grip.

Best For: Food Service, Medical, Automotive, Safety, Cleaning, Industrial

Vinyl Disposable Gloves, 4 mil

These gloves are great for use in businesses that require gloves to be changed frequently. They are exam-grade and provide reasonable protection.

Best For: Non-Surgical Medical, Janitorial, Food Service

Latex Disposable Gloves, 5 mil

These gloves are excellent protectors from chemicals. Both powder-free and exam-grade, these gloves are made from natural rubber latex and can last a duration of 30+ minutes.

Best For: Dental, Automotive, Safety, Janitorial

For your free sample or to get started with a quality glove program near you, contact us at Ideal Linen and Uniform today at 800-658-4047.

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