5 Changes You Should Make to Your Business in 2019

The coming of the new year always signals the coming of new things and better ways of doing things. We’ve listed some areas of your business where you could make some tweaks to keep up with trends and to get better results for your operations.

1. Go paperless.

50% of all business waste is composed of paper. The most obvious reasons for ditching paper transactions is, of course, reducing paper waste and moving towards eco-friendlier operations. More than that, however, going paperless provides a more convenient, faster, and more secure way of doing transactions and may even have the added benefit of growing your revenue and productivity! Most businesses these days are digitizing the majority of their processes, including accounting, filing, payroll, and even human resource processes.

2. Increase personalized interaction.

Despite all the advances in communication technology, it has not gotten and perhaps will never get to the point where artificial intelligence will beat the importance and effectivity of personalized interaction. And it cannot get any truer in 2019 when everything is digitized. Even while you work towards going paperless, strive to keep the personal and human touch for your services especially in direct communications with your customers.

3. Strengthen cybersecurity.

2018 was rocked by cybersecurity attacks and controversies, one after the other. Even the biggest names in the corporate world were not spared. The coming year is not looking too great either, with predictions about e-security concerns involving increased threats, smarter attackers, and breaches that are increasingly more difficult to guard against. These attacks spare no one and it goes without saying that cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities for this year, especially if you are planning to go digital or expand your digital horizons.

4. Reinvent the workplace.

Whether you’re running a digital office or a physical one, there are many ways to change things up to boost creativity, improve equality, and open more opportunities for growth for your employees and your business alike. One of those aspects that you should focus more on this year is employee engagement. It is one facet of your organization that is as important as sales performance, revenues, productivity, etc. Engaged employees are proven to be more proactive, more willing to go the extra mile, and become leaders instead of just passive followers in your organization.

5. Outsource more parts of your operations.

“If you want to do small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” John Maxwell’s quote has become truer than ever in the age of outsourcing. There are many minor parts of business operations that you are better off delegating to a third-party service provider – for reasons that include but are not limited to convenience, efficacy, cost-efficiency and better business focus. These things can include uniform services, facility services, bookkeeping, and a whole host of other big and small services.

The new year always comes with bigger changes and even bigger challenges and the best way to embrace them is to prepare for them. Happy new year from your friends at Ideal Linen and Uniform!

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