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The Benefits of Restaurant Table Linen

  • July 01, 2019
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In the day and age of the pop-up restaurants, the deconstructed food, and the over-the-top and odd table setups, is there still room for the humble tablecloth at restaurant tables?

For so long, the tablecloth was the symbol of elegant dining. The crisp, white tablecloth – pristine and almost divine – was for the longest time a distinguishing detail that separated the good, the upscale, and the serious restaurants from the not. And then, in favor of the organic and the minimalist, bare tables became avant-garde and the tablecloth was relegated to the role of a relic best suited for the old and the forgotten restaurants.

But now, the restaurant industry is bringing back tablecloths. And we can see why! Traditional as it is, restaurant table linen brings something to the table – albeit unintended – that is impossible to ignore.

In Defense of Restaurant Table Linen

If you’re on the fence about the whole table linen issue, we’ve got some very valid reasons – benefits – that might make you consider bringing them back to your restaurant tables. Restaurant table linen:

 – Elevates your restaurant’s aesthetics. As humble as the original tablecloth may be, these fabrics are steeped in the tradition of fine dining. Used well and strategically, the tablecloth can bring your restaurant to the next level.

 – Presents a versatile option for seasonal decor. Tablecloths move along the seasons more easily than any other restaurant decor. A simple switch in color palettes can signal a new season, new management, or an experimental new look. Did we tell you that it’s so much more affordable of an aesthetic upgrade than brand new furniture and interiors?

 – Protects your furniture. Bare tables are really all the rave until you have to pay for refurbishing and fixing your poor hardwoods and vinyls because of the wear and tear. Tablecloths are a neat, not to mention cheap, way to make the most out of whatever you’ve invested in your tables.  

 – Helps create a more positive diner experience. A study on the impact of tablecloth use in restaurant tables has found that diners had a more preferable, overall experience when they were served food on tablecloth-covered tables than those that did not. The survey was conducted in a controlled, small-group study, and its findings suggest that the surveyed diners perceived better service and better ambiance when they were served on a table that used table linens as opposed to bare ones.

 – Keeps the noise levels down. Tablecloths serve a functional purpose when it comes to restaurant acoustics. The softness of the fabrics provides a buffer that absorbs noise created when the hard tabletops and the assortment of silverware and glassware come into contact with each other. More importantly, however, tablecloths “absorb” some of the noise that goes around within the walls of the restaurant. Whereas the sounds would simply have bounced off a solid table, soft table linens “dampen” the sound waves and reduce the noise that goes around. Who wouldn’t want to dine in a restaurant where diners can actually hear each other in conversation?

Convinced? Time to get a good restaurant linen service provider!

While there is so much to gain from table linens, there is also so much at stake, so make sure that your table linens are in the right hands.

For restaurant linens that meet your standards and deliver the cleanliness you need, contact Ideal Linen and Uniform! We specialize in the supply and care of various linens and apparel in the food service industry, and we have everything you need for your big tablecloth switch!

Let’s Talk About Linens!

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