Benefits of Renting Restaurant Linen vs Buying Restaurant Linen by Ideal Linen

Restaurant Linen Rental: To Rent Or Not To Rent?

To rent or not to rent?

This is an age-old question that has hounded many a restaurant owner. What good, after all, could the “additional costs” of hiring a third party company for your linens do for your restaurant? We have listed the ways:

1. Topnotch cleaning

Cleanliness is something that you can never compromise in the restaurant industry and your linens are some of the first things your guests will see and touch inside your establishment.

Unless you have access to top-of-the-line equipment, food-safe detergent and a laundry staff trained in high-volume commercial laundry procedures, your best option for maintaining your linens is to put them in the hands of a reputable linen rental company.

These companies will give you spotlessly clean linens at every delivery – guaranteed.

2. Management nightmare averted

Maintaining your linens on your own may give you a sense of total control – which many restaurant owners fall for – but it can also be a management headache. Having to employ additional people, invest in expensive equipment and manage every wash cycle be cost- and time-efficient means additional management burden that would add to your concerns and take you away from more important business matters!

Pass that burden on to someone that has years of expert experience in linen management.

3. Ease in repairs and replacement

Linens don’t last forever and wear and tear will eventually catch up.

A reliable linen rental company can take care of every repair and replacement need without you having to lift a finger. With accurate tracking and topnotch maintenance procedures, your linens will look good for as long as possible and won’t cost you unnecessary money and headaches.

4. Tracking your usage and your inventory with ease

Topnotch linen rental companies like Ideal Linen embed restaurant linens with RFID chips that track your usage. This tracking helps you avoid unnecessary inventory losses.  

5. Freedom from in-house laundry overhead costs

Linen laundry and maintenance can be expensive. It’s simple: domestic-grade equipment can’t deliver the volume of linens and the quality of cleanliness your restaurant needs.

Linen rental companies have all the machinery and human resource necessary to keep your linens at a consistent quality.

6. Access to a wider variety of options

Renting your linens from established linen rental companies with a good track record allows you access to some of the best materials available in the industry.

This saves you from having to shop for hours on end. With a good linen rental company, upgrading your linens is easy, hassle-free and cost-efficient.

To rent or not to rent? Our quality linen rental program makes renting easy

The best part about all these benefits is that they add up to substantial savings in the long run. Who wouldn’t want savings and efficiency and quality?

Contact Ideal Linen today at 800-858-4047 to learn more about what we can do for your restaurant!

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