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7 Basic Napkin Folding Techniques for Your Restaurant

As you may already know from working in the food industry, the little details matter. While the concept of a linen napkin may seem simple at first, this elegant addition to your restaurant’s tables has the power to greatly amplify the guest experience.

When your employees take the time to fold your napkins into beautiful and creative designs, your guests will see the effort and time put into giving them a wonderful experience.

But making incredibly elaborate folds isn’t necessary. Your employees do, after all, have other responsibilities to attend to. Even a basic napkin folding technique will do the trick in catching the customer’s attention.

So, here are 7 basic napkin folding techniques you can quickly and easily train your employees in:

1. Standard Single Pocket Napkin Fold

This is the most simple napkin folding technique. While all of the listed techniques are easy to learn, we recommend starting with this one. This will give you an idea of how to work with the napkin before you begin adding more steps and more detail to your napkin folding designs.

2. Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

Once you’ve mastered the standard single pocket napkin fold, it’s time to level up your napkin skills to something a little bit more difficult, but with a little bit more pizazz. Instead of having a pocket that goes straight across the napkin, this pocket crosses at a diagonal as a simple but elegant way to display your cutlery.

3. Bow Tie Napkin Fold

Now that you know how to create pockets with a napkin fold, you should be ready to start creating shapes with your napkins. This bow tie napkin fold is a perfect starter for learning how to fold napkins into shapes and is great for a fun restaurant atmosphere such as a bakery or diner.

4. Double Diamond Napkin Fold

If you are looking for something with a bit more class, the double diamond napkin fold is a good place to start. The most important thing with this fold is to fold the napkin accurately to keep the design symmetrical.

5. Fleur-de-Lis Napkin Fold

If you have extra napkin accessories lying around, or have always wondered what to do with a napkin ring, this fold is a beautiful way to display your napkins and make use of those rings or tassels. This napkin fold is excellent for more formal restaurants.

6. Knotted Napkin Fold

A catch with many napkin folds is that the napkin needs to be perfectly flat when you begin folding. If it isn’t, any wrinkling will detract from the overall appearance of the final design. This napkin fold is great for busy restaurants that don’t have the time to iron the napkins ahead of time, nor have the time to individually fold each napkin with detail.

7. Triangle Napkin Fold

Linen napkins don’t just need to function as a display for your cutlery or a fancy design atop a guest’s plate. They have a variety of uses on the table and the triangle napkin fold is a great and easy design that can be used in a variety of ways – it can be a place to tuck in flowers or other decor!

Now that your mind is buzzing with basic napkin folding ideas for your restaurant, one very important thing remains true: you need napkins! As wonderful as your napkin folds may be, they will only look their best if you are using the best napkins for the job. And you can get the best quality napkins (and more) through a rental program that will maintain and launder the napkins for you when you work with Ideal Linen and Uniform!

Simply contact us today at 800-658-4047 and we’ll get you the best napkins for your restaurant.

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