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5 Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

  • September 03, 2019
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Folding your hotel towels in a fun and interesting way will definitely delight your guests (and possibly make them feel like they’re getting a five-star treatment). It may take a little extra time, but you have to fold your towels anyway, right? Ditch the basic trifold and get creative!

Here are 5 ways to fold your hotel towels that will leave your guests feeling special:

1. Pocket and fan 

This simple and classy towel fold works best with a towel rack. Simply follow these instructions to fold your bath towel or hand towel into a pocket. Then create a fan design with your washcloth and insert it into the pocket. It looks fancy, but it’s so simple!

2. Bandana

Another simple and creative fold is the bandana tie! This towel design also works best on a towel rack. Just fold the bath towel into thirds and hang it over your towel rack, then fold the washcloth into a triangle and tie it around the front half of your towel. This is a great look for casual hotels!

3. Flower

A towel flower is always a great choice, fitting in with a wide variety of hotels. And there are a lot of flower types to choose from! Roses, daisies and lilies are all great options. Flower towel folds will look amazing on top of your hotel bed. 

4. Swan

One of the most well-known hotel towel folds is the swan, but you don’t have to run a cruise ship to take advantage of this fun shape. This easy guide to the towel swan includes only 6 steps. This fold is perfect for romantic getaways. 

5. Cake

A towel cake is also great for romantic escapes, honeymoon suites and more! Use three rolled towels stacked on top of each other to create the layers, and decorate with ribbons and flowers to increase the effect. 

Start With Premium Towels

Of course, your towel designs won’t impress guests for long if they unravel them to find dirty, stained or thin towels. Use Ideal Linen and Uniform towels for your intricate towel creations! We provide high-quality towel products on a regular basis to businesses just like yours. 

With a towel service from Ideal Linen and Uniform, you will receive consistent deliveries of luxurious and soft towels that will make your guests feel pampered. Get a free quote on our services today!

To receive a complimentary estimate, give us a call at 800-658-4047 or fill out our simple online contact form. We can’t wait to see the designs you create with Ideal towels!

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