How We’ve Stayed in Business for 110 Years

  • December 01, 2018
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If you need just one more reason to entrust all your linen and facility service needs to Ideal Linen and Uniform, the fact that we have stayed in business for 110 years should be it.

In this post, we’re telling you exactly how we have kept our business running, thriving, and remaining one of the most trusted names in commercial linen services in the U.S.

Our Secrets of Success

We have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients and stayed on top of our game for over a hundred years, and the secrets to our success are pretty straightforward:

1. We are a completely family-owned and -operated business that’s been in the same family for generations.

Running a family business has a lot of challenges, and foremost of these is putting the family’s name and reputation on the line. With this much at stake, we have strived hard to deliver our services in a manner that we can proudly associate our family name with. And throughout these years, we have been constantly delivering quality results guided by our the loyalty, dedication, family values and integrity that we have maintained for generations.

2. Our business is run by competitive, highly-skilled, highly-dedicated people.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the quality of our products and services and this we credit to the quality of the team behind the scenes. We have successfully cultivated a culture of customer-oriented service in our operations and in everyone on the team – from the drivers to the management team. Our goals are all geared towards complete customer satisfaction. With Ideal, you can rest assured that your needs are taken care of by the best, most reliable experts in the industry.

3. We are completely local.

Ideal is not just an important contributor to the local economy. We also provide jobs to the local communities we serve. More importantly, our wholly-local operations mean that you are not working with inaccessible big-franchise bigwigs but that you are working with people who are part of your community and understand – and attend to – your needs promptly and accurately.

4. We make excellent look easy.

We have a culture of excellence in everything that we do. From picking which products we offer you to the accuracy of our invoicing, we employ the highest quality control standards to ensure the best results for your needs.

5. We deliver solutions.

Ideal Linen and Uniform does not believe in cookie-cutter service. We adapt our services to deliver the solutions and results for your business’ most specific needs.

Experience the satisfaction that we have been delivering for the last 110 years today! Contact us at (308) 632-7197 or start with a free quote here!

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